Artist statement

My work is inspired by my passion for my home country, Brazil, precisely a small quaint coastal Village, called Porto de Galinhas and is influenced by my travels. Within my dots and lines, you’ll find yourself joining me for long hikes in Europe, on beautiful tropical beaches, and within the contrasting urban landscapes of New York and Paris.

At times my brush glides and poured paints transforms. It blooms into a sensual and surreal garden; an exploration of the feminine that is at once vibrant and faded, romantic and provocative. Vivid. Lovable.

Light peeks out from intrigued combinations that can easily catch your attention of carefully layered paints and pastes, references of Brazilian music such as the vibrant Samba or relaxing Bossa Nova translated into vibrant  and yet, balanced colorful art pieces.

Carnaval in my native land is greatly celebrated, a diversified manifestation of culture with intense action on a playful color palette that I named Confettis. They represent lively happiness.

Marine life always fascinated my imagination, specifically the dance moves done by school of fish on almost invisible crystal-clear waters where I had the privilege to contemplate and swim around them on so many beautiful beaches, probably the reason  when painting fish I catch myself smiling  and my brush literally dances and they look like alive.

My work connects me to people, to nature, to balance, to happiness. To me, the process of painting makes total sense to my world and I hope my art creations can bring playfulness and joy to you and to yours.